Beating Clempsun NEVER Gets Old!

I had the pleasure of attending the Cocks vs. Clempsun Hockey Game at the Plex in Irmo Friday night and what a treat that was! I emphasize the Plex in Irmo because if you decide to attend a hockey game in the near future make sure you're not heading to the Plex off Two Notch Road like myself and a local Emmy winning reporter did Friday night. I won't blame anyone for the mistake of putting in the wrong address on our Uber but just know it wasn't me. Fortunately for us we had a great Uber driver who only had to stop once to take a bathroom break (yes, it was that long of a ride) during our $67 Uber ride across the City of Dreams! 

Now onto the game, and boy what a game it was! One thing of note, it was 2 for $5 beers at the Plex which you couldn't help but marvel at. In an age where it's almost impossible to get any (1) beer at a sporting event for under $8, the Plex delivered the liquid courage we were all seeking on a Friday night in a truly cheap fashion! 

The IceCocks got down early to the Taters 2-0 and all (4) of the Clempsun fans in attendance were going wild! You couldn't help but notice their puke orange shirts in the high school lockeroom smelling rink (I'm not kidding when I say it smelled exactly like my Beaufort High lockeroom during football season... what a smell!). Fortunately for us, the 2 for $5 beers were FLOWING and the smell was only but an afterthought after round 2! The Emmy winning reporter and I nestled ourselves on top of some padding right next to the Clempsun bench along with some die-hard IceCock fans as the Cocks clawed back minute by minute to take the lead heading into the 3rd period!

As the 3rd period began, the taste of victory was at our fingertips. One by one, brick by brick, the beers were going down and so were the Taters. Sandstorm was blasting and the plexy glass was shaking. After scoring one goal to bring it within one, the IceCocks battened down the hatches and held onto a 6-5 thrilling victory in what was an incredible night at the Plex (in Irmo). 

Now I will admit, I am not a big hockey guy except when ProfitBets on Twitter says to HAMMER the over 5.5. goals for a Blackhawks game (#trustthesystem), BUT this was a dang good time! I encourage all of you to get out to a IceCocks Hockey game this year, you won't regret it! Just remember, the Plex in Irmo (Thanks Uva!). Also, I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout out to the guys that gave us a ride home last Friday, you my friends were the true heroes of the night!