BEHIND THE SCENES from Gamecock Art

For a few years now, I’ve continued pairing my love for the Gamecocks with my passion for creativity. Fast forward to 2022, and the landscape of the NIL world changed athletics in a major way. Jeff and I started sharing messages back and forth about some cool ideas to try and help our athletes through the avenue of NIL. We set a plan in motion, and boy it’s been a wild and satisfying ride thus far. Finding a niche in working with athletes to assist in NIL opportunities has been a blast! Our student athletes are a dream to work with and I can say each and every athlete we’ve worked with represents the University of South Carolina with pride and we should be proud to have each and every one of them in Columbia. A lot of the designs are wild, funny, and sometimes both!

I wanted to share some behind the scenes information about the newest release with Ethan Petry. The design being Petry in a Petri dish is symbolic. South Carolina Baseball is a program that we all take pride in and want to see us win it all again in Omaha every single year. It’s a culture that started years ago, and it looks like it’s alive and well in 2023! But, we shouldn’t ever be satisfied. We, as fans, should continue to invest in the players and commit to building a culture in Columbia that is second to none! Inside of the Petri dish, you’ll see pinstripes. Yes. The same pinstripes that are on our uniforms. But specifically, those pinstripes adorn the hats worn by the players of our parents as they support their sons at Founder’s Park. The design is also about a culture of family. My dad took me to countless games growing up, I take my kids, and I’m proud to include a little detail as a nod to the parents of our student athletes who are entrusted to our staff and coaches.

Fellow Gamecock fans, thank you for supporting our athletes through the shirts, and other things we put out. Each design is special and all the money goes directly to our athletes. Secondly, I want to say thank you for all the special moments where I see my design work on game days, on your walls, and even on your trucks (shoutout to you Mr. Weston!) Thanks for allowing me to share a little “behind the scenes,” on this most recent release, but we’re not done yet! This is only the beginning and let’s continue to shape NIL the right way! Thanks, and Go Cocks! - Seth (GamecockArt)